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IRBIS Online Submission goes Live

Posted on Friday, January 25th, 2013 by Integrity under Spotlight Articles

As you may be aware, the Office of Research Compliance has undergone several changes in the last few months.  First of all, we are now known as the Office of Research Integrity (ORI).  We have a new Interim Director, Cristy McGoff, and a new Assistant Director, Melissa Beck.  We have had the pleasure of meeting many of you while assisting you with your research applications here at UNCG.

We are very pleased to announce that as of February 18th, 2013 we will begin offering online submission for all NEW IRB applications.

To transition into the new IRBIS online system of submitting IRB applications, from 2/11/13-/2/18/13, we will not be accepting any new applications.  This will allow anyone in the process of completing their paper-based application to prepare to submit it online on that date.

As we begin this process, we will only accept NEW submissions online, but we will begin accepting modifications and renewals online at a yet-to-be determined date.

Online submission has been one of the top and most repeated requests we receive, so we are thrilled to finally be able to offer this to our research community and hope that it will make the process easier and more efficient for all of our applicants.

We will also be offering training sessions to introduce the IRBIS online submission system to our campus and provide assistance as to how to complete an application online.  There are also many helpful videos and documents on the online submission website at   There is also an IRBIS login link on our website at

All sessions are being held in 2711 MHRA and are drop in, no registration required.  All sessions should last approximately 1 to 2 hours with the first hour being an introduction and the second to answer any questions. Training sessions are scheduled for the following dates:

  • 1/31/13 @ 2:00
  • 2/5/13 @ 10:00
  • 2/13/13 @ 10:00
  • 2/20/13 @ 2:00
  • 2/28/13 @ 2:00
  • 3/5/13 @ 2:00
  • 3/14/13 @ 10:00
  • 3/20/13 @ 2:00
  • 3/28/13 @ 10:00
  • 4/17/13 @ 10:00
  • 5/14/13 @ 2:00
  • 6/18/13 @ 2:00

We ask that you bear with us as we go through this transition process.  Online submission has been the most anticipated request from researchers; and while we are pleased it is now happening, we also realize there will be a learning curve for everyone including our office.  Please take advantage of the training sessions and helpful information on our website as there is a wealth of information to share.   For any questions you may call our office at 336-256-1482.

We look forward to offering this online submission as a means to improve and enhance the research process here at UNCG and we will continue to add additional opportunities to educate our campus.

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