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Cayuse Human Ethics is the online IRB submission system that UNCG has selected to replace the current online IRB submission system, IRBIS.


  • The migration of studies from IRBIS to Cayuse will take several weeks. The migration team is steadily working on populating legacy applications for the research teams.
  • If you have a renewal or modification that requires IRB submission within the next several weeks and your legacy submission is currently incomplete, the PI or a current study team member will need to complete the legacy application. This can be done by copy/pasting from the IRBIS application into the Cayuse application. The IRBIS application can be found in the “attachments” section of the legacy application in Cayuse.
  • The Legacy Submission Help Document has been created to aid researchers in the completion of the legacy application. Once the legacy application sections are populated, a renewal or modification submission can then be started.


The video below offers a tour of the Cayuse Human Ethics system. The demonstration includes an explanation of the dashboard, a demonstration of a new study application (8 min 56 sec mark), renewal and modification submissions (30 min 56 mark), as well as demonstrations of other system features.

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