Research Conducted at Cone Health

Standard Operating Procedure

IRB Authorization Agreement between the University of North Carolina (UNC) School Systems and Cone Health (CH)

Cone Health IRB has signed Authorization Agreements to rely on the IRBs at the University of North Carolina located at Greensboro, NC and Chapel Hill, NC (UNC School Systems) for review of research proposals in which investigators at UNC School Systems plan to collaborate with the Cone (CH).

For more information regarding the Cone Health IRB, please visit the Cone Health IRB website.

Initial Review of a study:

  1. Follow the general process for submitting a research proposal to the UNC School Systems IRB.
  1. After UNC School Systems IRB approval, contact the CH (phone: 336-832-2330) for assignment of a CH IRB #. Please Note: All nursing studies are required to be presented to the Nursing Research Review Committee; contact is


  • Cone Health has developed a flow chart to clarify “the” place to start when nurses are beginning a QI, Evidence-Based Practice or Research project.  The goal is to avoid wasted efforts in premature work, incomplete requirements and misguided intent.  No longer should nurses wonder “How do I start?”
  • The tool is accessible here:   (While the flow charts themselves are on the open web, some of the supporting material is behind Cone Health firewall and some parts may not be accessible to non-Cone Health persons).


  • Each project whether QI, EBP or Research must have a Cone Health PI/Co-I.
  • UNCG members should go through UNCG IRB first before sending to Cone Health for approval.
  • UNCG faculty members MUST approve the projects and be named on the projects regardless of project type (if the project is for a student or staff member)
  1. If the research is to be carried out in a division, department or unit of Moses Cone Health System, (e.g., Pharmacy Division; Emergency Department; Nursing Unit) the department director/supervisor must be consulted in advance. Approval to pursue the project must be obtained so as to assure that there are no conflicts in the use of human or financial resources of the unit.
  2. Submit the following to Cone Health IRB: A completed CH IRB form UNC-A-01, the approval letter from UNC School Systems’ IRB, and a copy of the original initial application submitted to the UNC School System IRB.
  3. The Cone Health IRB will maintain a file with the above information in their IRB office.

Please Note: Cone Health would like to receive notification of annual renewals, closure notices, and SAEs/Unanticipated Problems for all Cone Health System patients. These submissions will be reviewed and placed in the appropriate file. FORM UNC-A-01 – Request to Rely on the University of North Carolina School Systems

Please click here for the UNC-A-01 – Request to Rely on the University of North Carolina School Systems Form.