Where do you go for training?

All faculty members and personnel listed in funded research projects are required to take online training. This training must be repeated at least once every 3 years.

Disclosure and Training Resources

AIR Training Program

CITI Training Website

CITI Conflicts of Interest Module Instructions

Sponsored research

Unlike the Conflict of Interest Training which is general to the University, the Conflict of Interest Disclosure is specific to the project. It must be completed each time a proposal is submitted to an external sponsor. As with the training, the following individuals on the project must complete a disclosure:

  • Principal Investigator/Project Director
  • Key Personnel (an individual who contributes in a substantial and measureable way to a project.

This may also include:

  • Outside collaborators (e.g. subrecipient investigators, consultants) and
  • Any other faculty, staff, post-docs, graduate students, or even technicians identified in the proposal.

If an award is received and the COI disclosure has not been completed by all required individuals on the project, the award process cannot be completed and no grant account will be established until this is done.

Public Health Service (PHS) 2011 Revised Regulation resources

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