Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

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YOU CAN ALSO MAKE AN ANONYMOUS REPORT BY CALLING 336-256-1173. You can also make a report directly to the Facility Operations Manager, the Director of the Office of Research Integrity, the IACUC Chair, or the Attending Veterinarian.

UNCG Research During the Coronavirus

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The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) oversees all research involving animals. Prior to the initiation any research efforts involving the use of animals, all UNCG researchers must have IACUC approval. If you have any questions regarding your IACUC application, the best way to contact us is by email at

IACUC meetings are open to the public and are typically held the first Tuesday of every month. Please contact Dr. Lisa Goble at for more information.

We no longer require Annual Reviews. Protocols will be approved for three-year periods, however we still require denovo reviews (a new application prior to the beginning of the fourth year of work). Amendments will still need to be submitted for IACUC review.

How do I obtain space for use at the animal facility?

Please complete the Application for Space Assignment in the Animal Facility

How do I order animals for my research?

For animal ordering, please fill out this Animal Order Form, and contact the facility manager at 336-334-5277 for assistance.

Does the animal facility offer any training in animal procedures?

YES, Animal use procedure training is available on-site.
This can be scheduled by calling 336-334-5277.


What are the general training requirements for an IACUC application?

Tri-annual completion of CITI Working with the IACUC training as well as species-specific courses for the species you will be working with. The CITI Animal Care and Use Courses meet United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) requirements for basic training in the humane care and use of animals.   CITI is a well-respected, web-based training product that was designed by, and is updated and maintained by, a number of nationally known research professionals.  CITI is based at the University of Miami.  It is designed around topic-specific modules, each followed by a short quiz.  The core courses will take approximately 3-4 hours to complete, while each specialized species or model specific course will take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete.  Please note that the courses do not have to be completed in one sitting.  CITI is user-friendly and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are the occupational health and safety training requirements for an IACUC application?

1) All research personnel must view the Allergy & Zoonosis and Animal Care and Use training materials.

2) All animal users must have an Occupational Health Initial Screening Form  completed through the UNCG Anna M. Gove Health Center. Once the form has been completed, please send the completed form to Dr. Traci McMillian in Student Health Services by inter-office mail or by fax at 336-334-5343. This form must be completed annually, at every protocol renewal for all animal users on an approved protocol*

*PLEASE NOTE: Faculty and staff will be charged a nominal fee, and the department will be billed by interdepartmental mail following the completion of the form. Students who pay a health fee will receive a discounted rate.

After all required training mentioned above is complete and the protocol is approved and, all animal users on the protocol must be assessed by the Attending Veterinarian and/or the qualified training staff at the animal facility for competency for all techniques approved within that protocol at the beginning of their work.  

IACUC Protocol Submission Information

How do I submit a NEW application?

Does an IACUC application require a Departmental Scientific Merit Review?

It is required that a new protocol have a Departmental Scientific Merit Review completed prior to submission to the IACUC. A Departmental Scientific Merit review can be helpful in order to evaluate the proposal for adequacy of the following areas:

  1. Significance: Does the project address an important problem in the field?
  2. Investigator: Are the PIs and other researchers capable of carrying out the project?
  3. Innovation: Do the experiments challenge current scientific paradigms
  4. Approach: Are the overall strategy, methodologies, and analyses appropriate to accomplish the specific aims of the project
  5. Environment: Is the scientific environment adequate for successful completion of the work?

How long will the submission process take?

  • It is highly recommended that a consultation with the IACUC Attending Veterinarian and/or the Facility Operations Manager take place ahead of submitting your IACUC protocol. Please contact to obtain this contact information.
  • ALL NEW IACUC protocols will be seen by the full committee. Your IACUC application will be reviewed by the ORI for training and occupational health records, the Attending Veterinarian, and amended if requested, before it will be reviewed by the committee. In order to get your new study reviewed at the next IACUC meeting, please allow at least two weeks of review time and make sure all requested changes are made at least eight (8) working days ahead of the next scheduled IACUC meeting date.
  • Amendments and Annual Reviews will be reviewed by the Designated Member review process and will not need to go to the full committee unless otherwise specified by the reviewing members.

How do I submit Personnel and Protocol Amendments?

  • Please use the applicable paper forms in the applications below. In 2021, we will be transitioning to a user friendly online system. 

How will communication of stipulations or approvals occur?

  • All communication will be by email from the IACUC or the ORI.

How do I request an animal transfer?

  • Please fill out this Animal Transfer Form and submit to the Animal Facility Manager. The Animal Facility staff will review and process the transfer.  This should take no longer than 2-3 business days, and it is recommended that the transfer be requested with consideration of this time frame.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

  • If you need assistance or have questions about completing the IACUC application, please contact

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