Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training Resources

Both the CITI training and the in-person training are valid for 3 years.

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Responsible Conduct of Research Training

“Responsible Conduct of Research: Taking the High Road to Better Data”

The Office of Research Integrity offers a series of in-person workshops in Responsible Conduct of Research practices each semester. These sessions are hosted by the Office of Research Integrity and are offered to all of those who would like to attend across the campus.

Topics include: Conflict of Interest in Research, Questionable Research Practices, Data Management, Authorship, and Mentor/Mentee Relationships.

  • Fall 2021 Workshop Dates – TBD

Case Studies on Research Integrity

  • Institutional Roles and Responsibilities in Promoting Research Integrity, video address by Mike Lauer, MD, Deputy Director for Extramural Research at NIH at the Northwestern University Research Integrity Conference May 22 2019.
  • “The Lab Avoiding Research Misconduct”, an interactive video from the Federal Office of Research Integrity. In “The Lab” you choose from a variety of lead characters in an interactive video to develop an understanding of the lasting consequences of unethical decisions made in the research process. Covers a variety of RCR topics such as avoiding research misconduct, mentorship responsibilities, handling of data, responsible authorship, and questionable research practices.
  • RCR Casebook Stories About Researchers Worth Discussing from the Federal Office of Research Integrity, this resources covers cases across a wide range of topics and raises awareness of the kinds of ethical dilemmas that researchers are liable to encounter.

CITI Training

Additional Training Options and RCR Resources

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